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Getting Around Catalina Island

One of the many things that make Catalina Island unique is its limited number of automobiles. Avalon is the only city in California authorized by the State Legislature to regulate the number and size of vehicles allowed to drive on city streets. There is currently a 10-year waiting list to own a car on the island.

But visitors don’t need a car to get around in Avalon; almost everything is in walking distance. Only one square mile in size, the town of Avalon is easy to navigate on foot, and the picturesque harbor that Avalon is nestled around provides a good excuse to slow down and enjoy the view.

When you arrive in Avalon, you’ll find that most of the hotels, shops, and restaurants are nearby. Many hotels provide a courtesy shuttle from the boat docks to town. Be sure to ask for this service when you make your reservation.

Taxi service is also available to all locations in Avalon, and cabs meet each arriving boat. There is also a taxi stand in the center of town that will take you anywhere you wish to go.

Walking is a wonderful way to explore this safe and charming town. You can also rent a bicycle to go exploring, or take a sightseeing tour in a comfortable motor coach or open-air tram.

Golf cart rentals are available year-round and as you’ll discover, almost everybody – visitors and residents alike – find golf carts the favorable mode of transportation in Avalon. In fact, a recent survey taken by the Catalina Island Chamber of Commerce found that renting a golf cart was the number one tourist attraction on Catalina Island!

If you want to venture beyond Avalon without going on a tour, shuttle bus service will take you to the Airport-In-The-Sky, Two Harbors, and the interior campgrounds.

Outdoor enthusiasts are welcome to explore Catalina Island on foot. Hiking permits and trail maps are available at the Conservancy House in Avalon.